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How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft

    The fastest and most efficient way to domesticate a horse in Minecraft is by right-clicking the horse just like using an object. To tame a horse, first locate a horse, then repeatedly attempt to mount the horse, once the horse allows you to mount him, put a saddle on by right-clicking the horse. First, walk over to the horse, then right-click it, or use the secondary action key, holding a saddle. Repeat this until your horse is domesticated, at which time you will want a saddle (if you do not already have one, see below).

    However, just having one is not enough for you to be in control of his movements: to do this, you need to learn to mount him. If you would like to learn how to get it moving, then you should certainly head over to the instructions on putting a saddle on your horse in Minecraft. Taming is a complicated process, but with some help from this guide on horses in Minecraft, you can figure out how to domesticate horses, as well as make saddles. Whether you are looking to find horses, the steps needed to tame them, or how to ride one using a saddle, we have got you covered in this guide on how to tame horses in Minecraft.

    While it is always possible to find multiple horses in Minecraft, taming is not a quick or simple process. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this, since horse taming is feature-based entirely off random events within Minecraft, so every horse is going to vary in terms of how long it takes to tame. The process may be a bit complicated, since feeding the horse food does not make the horse tame like the other animals in Minecrafts.

    While horses do eat grain in-game, you cannot tame them using that, just like you would tame a wolf using bones. You can shorten the time required to tame a horse by feeding them sugar, wheat, apples, gold carrots, or gold apples. Feeding your horse things like wheat, apples, and sugar also helps to improve the chances that you will reduce the amount of time it takes to tame.

    While it is not required, you can improve the odds of taming the horse by feeding them sugar, apples, wheat, or golden carrots. You can feed two adult horses gold apples or golden carrots until you see hearts floating over the top. You can feed the horse sugar, apples, golden apples, wheat, or bread to enhance the taming process.

    If you do not want to tame a new Horse in Minecraft, you can Breed Your Own, feeding two Tame Horses to trigger Love Mode — which is the official term, by the way — to make them give birth to a Foal. Keep both horses close together, then you will have to feed the horse one-half of the fruits we mentioned above; once they have eaten the fruits, they will have a red heart with love. When a horse is finally domesticated, you will notice hearts forming around them, and it will not run away from you anymore.

    While it might throw you off a few times initially, simply stay persistent and you will tame a horse in no time. If the taming process goes smoothly, you should be able to sit on his back without him trying to shoo you off. Once you have mounted the first horse in Minecraft, a taming threshold is assigned to it, meaning that the Minecraft horse will stay feral as long as it does not surpass that taming threshold, however, you can affect that threshold by feeding it sugar, wheat, or apples.

    While you can hop on top of any horse that you find in Minecraft, you need to tame a wild horse in order to gain access to certain unique actions and really make it yours. To take your horse on a journey through the wide expanses of a Minecraft world, you will need to find a horse in the first place. Before you can jump on a horse and take it on the road for your next adventure, you will need to first tame and befriend one.

    Horses are mild animals in Minecraft, so there is no battle you have to fight to tame one, but they are a bit shady. A horse is a lot more reliable than using only Elytra, and it is the safest form of transportation in the ground in Minecraft. Minecraft horses are passive creatures, meaning that they will not attack you, though you can attack them and kill them for minimal XP and a bit of Leather (you Monster). Horses are passive mobs in Minecraft that you can ride after you have tamed them; the main benefit to riding horses is a massive boost to speed, making it much more practical to travel long distances on the map.

    You can mount a horse by pressing Use while holding an empty hand, or holding an item that would be impossible to use while riding. Alternatively, you can also mount a horse, open your horses inventory, then put your horses armour into its appropriate slot. Once you have killed all of the Skeleton Riders, you can ascend the remaining Skeleton Horse and equip a saddle from your inventory.

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