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How To Summon Horse Elden Ring

    Elden Ring players are going to have to learn to obtain and call horses, since they are quite essential for traveling around the games world more quickly. Luckily, there is a summonable horse you will receive fairly early that allows you to travel a lot quicker. Fortunately, it does not take much to get a horse, since a major NPC gives you torrents really early on in the adventure. Once players have rested in Graces gatefront site, a cutscene should play, with the Maiden Melina appearing and giving players access to your new, reliable mount.

    After you rest at the fourth Site of Grace, you will be met with a cutscene that introduces you to the Maiden Melina, a playable version of either Fire Watcher or Maiden of Darkness. The Maiden Melina, a playable version of either Fire Watcher or Maiden of Darkness. When players locate their third Site of Grace (usually the one behind the big soldier camp in front of a big door), a cutscene will play introducing them to Melina. To find the magnificent horse named the Tornado at Elden Ring, one must encounter Melina, who is located in Gatefront Ruins immediately following Graces Tutorial Site in the early game. When you actually meet Melinas, she will give you an item called a Whistle Spectral Stalker, which you can activate any time to summon the horse to Elden Ring.

    Just remember, once you have blown the Spectral Steed Whistle, your Elden Ring horse will spawn, and you will hop onto it automatically. This will grant you the opportunity to level and obtain a Spectral Steed Whistle Ring which you can use anytime. If you have a Spectral Steed Whistle in your bag, you can simply tap on Triangle or Y, or whatever its equivalent is on PC (I think it is holding E), then choose Whistle to use. The Spectral Steed Whistle is a key item, which allows you to call in and immediately mount a horse.

    When using the Spectral Seed Whistle, your character immediately appears on top of the horse named torrent, meaning that you will not need to perform any button presses in order to mount Torrent. Using the Spectral Seed Whistle summons your Torrent horse, which stays with you until it is dismounted or destroyed. It is possible that a horse called Torrent may temporarily die, and in that case, you will have to use a flask of crimson tears to summon it back. If Torrent dies, you will need to either wait for a brief period of time, or use the holy Flask of Crimson Tears to bring Torrent back.

    If Torrents die, you have the option to either use Estus on them, or resurrect them by staying in one of the Sites of Grace scattered throughout the open world. You can also use Raisins to heal a horse called Torrent as you are riding it, but this often will not be needed thanks to the wealth of control points scattered across the map. One neat trick with Torrent is its double-jumping, which is useful when trying to climb up the side of cliffs, or while dodging enemies. The horses also benefit from having double-jump, which can be used right before hitting the ground to cushion landings.

    Away from battle, the horse can make use of the spirit spring, which allows him to take extremely high leaps. The magnificent horse named TheTorrent is capable of jumping the very first time that you unlock it, but it gradually increases in speed the further through the game you go. Elden Ring players get access to the Ghoststeed, a specific horse named Torrent that can be summoned anytime you need a Ghoststeed. If an Elden Ring horse is killed, Torrent fades from existence, but he can occasionally be instantly summoned again with the whistling.

    In certain situations, like boss battles, your ability to summon Torrent may be limited, and you will need to sacrifice one of your Healing Crimson Flasks used to summon the Spirit Horse. In the case your horse is killed, you will need to use a single Charged Flask of Crimson Tears to call him back. If a horse takes too many hits and falls down during battle, you may call it back up again in roughly ten seconds — although you will have to use a single Flask of Crimson Tears charge (HP Flask) to revive it.

    It will allow you to travel large distances rapidly, and also offers unique movement moves for battles and traversal that you cannot perform while you are not mounted. To unlock The Horse (Torrent), you must first conjure up and talk to the Maiden Mailina. Players must trigger 3 Grace sites in order to qualify to receive a ring allowing the summoning of the horse.

    Players can unlock a horse with Eldens ring by visiting enough Sites of Grace. The Whistle of Spectral Stalker is given to you by a Maiden as soon as you arrive at a Grace Point outside of Stormgate, just northwest of Gatefront Ruins. If you have already met Maiden Melina and received the ring called the Spectral Steed Whistle, all you have to do is place this ring either into your pouch or into your inventory.

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